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Automated Cost Price Collection (UK & IRE only)
Automated Cost Price Collection (UK & IRE only)

Automate your cost prices into EvolutionX!

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Fed up loading your costs into EvolutionX manually? Why not utilse our automated cost collection service?

Setting this service up is pretty simple. First of all, please ensure you have created a 'managed supplier' for the supplier in question. You can do this in the 'suppliers' section of your adminscreen.

Click on Suppliers, then + New Supplier. You can search for your supplier in the drop down menu. Once selected, simply enter the account number you have with the selected supplier.

To complete the setup, please fill in all the required fields (marked with a *). You should also switch on the 'Auto Collect Cost Prices' toggle switch. Once all the information has been added, click on save.

Which suppliers currently support automated cost collections?

Trimfold Envelopes Ireland -

Please ensure you send an email to the given supplier using the relevant contact email address (see above).

We have created the following useful template for this communication.

Can you set up the weekly cost price file in Evolution format to the normal Evolution FTP location for the following please:

Account Number - xxx


The supplier will need to arrange for your cost file to be sent to our nominated location in order for the cost collect to work.

You can also enable Live Stock from within the Suppliers area - find out more about this service here

Good luck!

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