Resetting a 'processed' order

A quick guide on how to reset a back office processed order

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Who this article applies to:

  • UK/IRE customers using our EvoLink integration module

  • Any customer with an API integration which poles orders from the "Unprocessed Orders" endpoint: /orders/unprocessed

Orders to Re-Processed to the ERP

You may find that an order from your EvolutionX adminscreen has not successfully dropped into your back office system.

Orders which have been 'back office processed' can be reset and sent again following 2 simple steps;

Step 1 The order status should show as 'In Progress'. Click on change and select 'New Order'

Step 2 The order should show a 'Back Office Processed' date and time. Simple click on the 'reset' option

EvoLink will now poll EvolutionX for any orders which have the status New Order which have not been Back Office Processed. Please note, EvoLink is usually set to poll EvolutionX every 5 minutes for orders.

Once the order status has updated to 'In Progress' the order should be on its way to your back office.

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