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Product Not Showing on Storefront

Looking for a product on the storefront but can't find it/get it to show?

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Here are the areas you should be checking first - this will help identify what's potentially stopping a product from being shown. In the examples below, I'll be using the product code BLACKPEN1 from my own test store.

  • Is the product enabled, globally visible and in date? Note, if the Active From and Active To fields are blank, the product is valid.

    **Note - If a product is disabled and can't be re-enabled by you, this means the code is discontinued by the supplier. If this is the case, you can still get these codes on the storefront by Resurrecting Discontinued Products

  • Is the product set to Hidden/Private? If private, is there a sell price in the customer's contract?

  • Is the catalogue that the product is in expired? If so, click into the catalogue, change the date and hit Save

  • Has the catalogue container expired? If so, click into the container, change the date and hit Save.

  • Is the product being excluded from view via Exclusion Rules in the Catalogue Container? If so, click on the 3 dots on the right of the rule and click Delete. Don't forget to hit Save! N.B If you have multiple catalogue containers, you'll need to check all of them.

  • Are there Inclusions Rules in play for the catalogue in question? Have you added the product to the inclusion rule?

  • Is the product in question being removed from view due to catalogue priorities?

  • Is the container still indexing?

  • Has the brand been deactivated?

  • If the product has a zero cost, check in the Suppliers module, in the supplier of the product. You might be hiding products with zero cost:

  • If this is a newly created product, it can sometimes take up to 20 minutes to show, depending on the queue in our engine. If after this time, the product still isn't visible, please contact us via the Support Channel (blue speech bubble on the bottom right hand side of your EvoX Admin Screen).

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