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Orders not dropping into your backoffice
Orders not dropping into your backoffice

Run through out quick help document to get your orders moving again!

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EvoLink is the middleware which is installed on your server (or cloud hosted server) which retrieves orders from your EvolutionX store and transfers them to your backoffice for processing. If your order has not dropped into your backoffice, you can troubleshoot this using the below help guide.

Check to ensure EvoLink is running

Pop into store settings>general and click on the ‘app heartbeat’ tab along the top. If the status is showing as dead, this means that EvoLink is offline.

The solution would be to find where EvoLink is installed. It would usually reside on your server, in the location C:\EvoLink\Program Files Simply double click on the EvoLink programme and make sure it is set to processing (shows as red)

Once you have restarted EvoLink, drop back into settings>genera> app heartbeat – it should be showing as ‘It’s Alive!’ EvoLink will usually check for your order to be processed every 5 minutes.

How do we know if an order has been processed?

EvoLink is running, but the order still hasn’t dropped into your backoffice.

You can check to see if the order has indeed been collected by EvoLink. Drop into orders and find the order in question then click on the order number. When your customer places an order on your store, the order status will show as ‘New Order’.

EvoLink will check for ‘New Orders’ every 5 minutes. Once EvoLink collects the order, the status will change to ‘In Progress’ – this means its been collected and passed over to your backoffice to process.

You can also check to see when the order was collected and processed within the order screen. It will show ‘backoffice processed’ along with the date and time.

If the order has still not dropped into your backoffice, we would recommend you speak to your backoffice system provider for additional assistance.

Reset an order to process into your backoffice

You may wish to process the order into your backoffice again. This is easy to do. You should see the message ‘backoffice processed’ along with the date and time. Next to this, there is the option to reset the backoffice processed status. Click on reset, then change the order status to New Order – this will allow EvoLink to pick the order up again and process it to your backoffice.

Other things to be aware of

Illegal XML Characters

The file format used for orders being processed to the backoffice is usually XML. There can sometimes be illegal XML characters within the order detail (company name, address, notes) which cause the order to fail. If your order is still not processing, please review the data and edit/remove any illegal XML characters. You can read about illegal XML characters by googling ‘illegal XML characters’ – there are lots of really helpfully articles online regarding this subject.

We would recommend that you avoid using these on any of the data contained within your store;






EvoLink processing customer/pricing files

You may find that EvoLink is indeed running, but showing as dead within your app heartbeat. EvoLink could be processing customer files which have arrived from your backoffice system. In most cases, the exporting of customers files from the backoffice is set to run out of hours. If you are exporting a large customer file during business hours, this can knock EvoLink offline, so it cant pick up your orders.

The solution would be to let EvoLink complete the processing of the customers – once this job has been completed, it will pick up your orders from EvolutionX and process them to your backoffice. Its worth ensuring that your backoffice is set to run any customer/pricing exports out of hours to avoid this happening.

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