Prima live pricing in EvolutionX is a fantastic feature that enables you to serve dynamic pricing to your customers directly from your Prima ERP system. In real time, we make a call to your Prima system and request a price for each product that is being shown to the user.

Here are a few things to know about Prima live pricing.

All Product shown on your store must..

  1. Exist in your Prima system

  2. Have a valid price in your Prima system

Zero Price Items : not supported

Currently, Prima doesn't support the ability to display 0.00 priced items while using their Live Pricing functionality. You will need to have the zero priced toggle off for all suppliers to enable Live pricing fallback to work with your store. See explanation below.

Where a product doesn't exist in Prima

Products on the same page

e.g. Product view,Grid view, Search view, product view with alternative products, etc

On a page that contains more than one product, we call out to Prima with a list of skus.

We use their GET /Prima/GetMultiplePrices endpoint.

If one of those skus doesn't exist in Prima then Prima delivers a zero price for that item.

This means that your products may be shown to the user as FREE or having 0.00 price.


Make sure to have the "Buy 0 Priced Items" toggled off. When it is toggled off, we will use the Live Price Fallback setting. This will prevent your products showing as 0.00 priced.

Prima Swagger Documentation

Endpoints explained

GET /Prima/GetPrice

This endpoint supports QTY and Packsize and thus is used when we are adding items to the cart.

Where it is used

  1. We don't currently use this endpoint

GET /Prima/GetMultiplePrices

This endpoint is used to get prices for multiple items in one request

Where it is used

  1. When displaying prices for multiple products on a page (e.g. product grid view on the storefront.)

Live Pricing Fallback:

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