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Add drop down, radio buttons and colour swatches to your products! ⚙️

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The Product Configurator module within EvolutionX allows you to manage variances on groups of products via drop down menus, radio buttons and colour swatches which will appear on the product page on your store.

This could be on clothing, where size, colour and type could be displayed as configurable options, making it easier for the end user to find the product they require.

It could be used on furniture, where the size of the desk, wood finish and leg colour are important factors when making a selection.

The great news is that configuration can be added to ANY products - you have complete control!

Before you get into the Product Configurator module, we would recommend you spend some time learning about Product Attributes.

Product Attributes are the key ingredient to making products configurable, so please familiarise yourself with this area by accessing the video content via the below image.

Now that you are up to speed on Product Attributes, lets crack on with the first video in our series - Creating a configurable product group 👍

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