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Enforce Eircodes in Ireland (Irish Post codes)
Enforce Eircodes in Ireland (Irish Post codes)

Allow your customers to use Eircodes on the storefront and validate they are in the correct format.

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The introduction of Eircodes (Post codes) in Ireland has a huge advantage to your deliveries. Eircodes are unique in that they identify the actual house and not simply the local area. This is particularly helpful for making your deliveries more accurate and less time consuming.

There are other advantages as well. Eircodes start with 3 characters that designate the routing area. By using EvoX's post code matching features, you can create unique delivery rules for areas like D6, D12, D2, or T12 (cork). Check out more on our local delivery rules articles.

How to enable


Will it work with addresses that come from my backoffice or ERP system? Many of my existing addresses don't have eircodes entered.

The validation that is enforced by EvoX is only done on the storefront. This means that if you have an address like the below in the your store already your customer can continue to use it.

The below address will still work, if you enter it via the Admin or it comes up from your Backoffice system.

Mr O'Brien

123 walkerway



When will the validation force them to enter an Eircode?

This is done only when the customer is entering a new address on the storefront or editing an existing address.

Is there a link to find their Eircode, if they don't know it?

Yes, there is a link just below the Post Code field that will bring them to Eircodes FREE lookup service.

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