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Local delivery rules - targeting zip codes
Local delivery rules - targeting zip codes

See how you can add special delivery rules for certain post codes, eircodes, or zip codes.

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πŸš€ Discounted/Special Delivery rules for your Local Customers

Nobody likes getting overcharged for delivery. Why not target your local delivery areas better and pass on discounted delivery prices to your local customers.

It may be cheaper to deliver to areas close to your office(s), so why not celebrate that with better delivery prices for your local customers.

Use these rules to be more competitive with your pricing without losing margin!

Routing Areas

In most countries ( UK, USA, Ireland ) the first part of the Zip, Eircode, or Post code is a routing area. The second part is more specific to a street or building or even the house itself (e.g. Ireland).

This means you can add just a few of the first characters of the post/zip to cover a wide area of the map and be able to give special discounted pricing to your local customers!

General >> Store Settings >> Delivery

Example Scenario:

πŸ‘ Important: States override your zip/post codes. For example, if you have New York added to your settings and a New York specific zip codes ALL New York addresses will get the delivery rule. To limit by zip codes you should remove the state and only import the zip codes.
Let's say my office is in Chicago and I wanted to give special delivery price to Chicago customers.

Each Zip Code in Chicago starts with 606. This means that I can simply add 606 to my rules and then any Zip code that starts with 606 will get my special delivery rule.

Gets the delivery rule


Won't get the delivery rule

As you can see only Zip codes that start with 606 will get the delivery rule.

The system will match starting from left to right. Once it finds a match then it will return the delivery rule. Thus, you can do the following.

  • Exact match a Zip code e.g. 95928

  • Or match a partial Zip code e.g. 959 or 9 or 9592

πŸ‘ Important: This works the same for UK and Irish post codes.

​UK post code for London - examples


A94 - Blackrock Monkstown Booterstown Stillorgan
A96 - Dun LaoghaireDalkeySallynogginGlenageary
A98 - BrayKilmacanogue Roundwood
C15 - TrimNavanAthboy
D01 - Dublin 1
D02 - Dublin 2
D03 - Dublin 3
D04 - Dublin 4
D05 - Dublin 5
D06 - Dublin 6
D6W - Dublin 6W

πŸŽ– Gold star for great customer service !! πŸŽ–

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