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Fusion category changes - April 2020
Fusion category changes - April 2020

Learn what has changed and learn about each of the reports that will help you with the transition.

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What is it all about?

Fusion has released their newest category tree changes. These changes are now live in your EvoX store. These category enhancements are a huge advantage to your customers navigating and finding products within your store. They also help to showcase a load of new products and catalogs from the Fusion team. All these new catalogs can be turned on in your store with only a click of a button. 

What you need to do

Now that the new categories are live on your website, it may be time to review how the changes may have affected your stores product set and pricing. 

What happened and Possible effects for your store

New products have been added to the store

  • Review that these new products are being priced correctly and what customers can view and purchase them

Existing products moved into different categories

  • Some existing managed products have been moved into new categories or move to other existing categories, to create a better user experience for the customers. This may make it initially confusing when you or your team are looking for certain products within the store.

  • Have my product's urls changed? No, url's have not changed. So you won't have to worry about customers who may have bookmarked these products in their browsers. 

  • Will I need to create redirects for these products? No, the products old urls will still work and will direct the customers to the product. 

New Categories have been added

  • There have been new categories added to the Fusion category tree. This will help to break up the products into a more user friendly navigation experience. 

  • Can I move my own products into these new categories? Yes, you can start to move your own products into these categories as soon as you wish. 


Find the new EvoX Reports

 We have created a number of new reports that will help you navigate the change. Each report is labelled with (Fusion April 2020 Category Changes) to make them easier to understand. 


New EvoX Reports 

Learn about each report below: what they do, and how they can help your team transition to the new category tree structure.

Deprecated Categories Report (Fusion April 2020 Category Changes)

This report gives you a list of all the categories that were deprecated by Fusion. Deprecated simply means that they will not be used by Fusion in the future and all managed products that were in these categories have now been moved to different categories. 


Does this mean that these categories have been deleted?

  • No, the categories are still there and are still enabled

What about my “own products” that we assigned to these categories?

  • Your “own products” are still in these categories and you can move them in your own time. 

What about my pricing contracts? We were pricing by these categories? 

  • Your pricing contracts have not changed, so you will still have the pricing by rules that you originally setup. 

What should I do with these categories?

  • It is advisable that you move any “own products” out of these categories and into another category. Make sure you add any needed pricing contract changes for your customers. 


All Products New/Moved to Category (Fusion April 2020 Category Changes)

This report gives you a list of all products that were newly added by Fusion or existing products that were moved into different categories. The “Category ID”, “Category Name”, and “Parent Tree” represent where the product is now ( i.e. NOT what category is was moved from )


What should I use this report for?

  • This report is a good reference to get the details of the products that were moved or are new. This will help you to review possible pricing changes needed in certain categories

Is this for the Enabled Catalogs on my store?

  • Yes, this report only represents the products that are currently enabled in your store. If you Enable a new catalog then you may want to run this report again. 

What is the “Category Pricing” column for in this report?

  • If this column shows a (1) then you are currently using this category to price products within at least 1 customer’s pricing contracts. This is important as you may need to review the pricing contract(s) to insure that any new Fusion products are priced appropriately. Use the Pricing Contract Report to narrow down which contracts need to be reviewed.


Pricing Contract Report (Fusion April 2020 Category Changes)

This report will tell you all the pricing contracts, where you have a  “Pricing by” rule for a category that may have new products in it or the category has been deprecated and products have been moved out of it. 


What is the “Pricing by” rule?

This can be found within a pricing contract under the Pricing By section.

How do I find the new or moved products that have been added to the categories in this report?

  • You can use the “All Products New/Moved to Category” report to see the products or simply navigate to that category on your website. 

How do I look up a category on the category page? 

  • You can simply select any category and then in the url enter the correct ID of the category you want. 

  • You can use the Parent Tree column to help you navigate to the correct category using the category tree drill down. 


New Categories with Products (Fusion April 2020 Category Change)

This is a list of all the new categories that were added to the EvoX Fusion categories. This is helpful when you just want to understand what is new vs what has been deprecated or moved. 


Moved Categories (Fusion April 2020 Category Changes)

This is a list of all existing categories within EvoX that have been moved to a different place within the Fusion category tree. This will help you to find products and categories that may not be where you are used to finding them. 

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