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Frequently purchased products module
Frequently purchased products module

Learn what constitutes a frequently purchased items.

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The frequently purchased items module is a handy way for customers to quickly find those items that they may want to order again. How it works is simple; so let's dive in to see the details. 

What makes an item appear in the Frequently Purchased module

This module will list out any product that has been purchased in the last 6 months. The order of the items isn't based on how many times you purchased them.

Thus, if you login for the first time and make a single purchase that product will appear in the Frequently Purchased items. This way you can easily find items regardless of whether you purchase them often or just every once in a while. 

Real-time ERP replacement

The frequently purchased module can be overwritten with some ERPs. We can fetch the page information directly from your ERP and display to the user. You can have full control of the items displayed following this article.

Contact the customer success team for further assistance and guidance.

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