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Commerce Connector module

Get your website listed on brand owner's websites using commerce connector.

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This article will show you how to setup the commerce connector module. With just one click, you will be able to send off a list of products to commerce connector and have it auto displayed on brand owner's websites. 

What is Commerce Connector

Connecting brands and retailers to sell more. Global. Online and in-store.

Get your products showing on brand owner's websites and be listed under their "Buy Now" button. It will show consumers which retailers websites have that brand's products in stock.

Overview of this article

  1. Install the Commerce Connector App

  2. Create a Product group

  3. Create a Feed that will pull from the product group

  4. Publish your feed. 

Install the App

Installing the app is easy. First navigate the the AppStore and find the app. 

Commerce will give you your Shop ID or "Shopident"

Create a Product Group

The product group is your way of creating a "bucket" of products that will be sent to commerce connector.
You can upload specific products or create rules (e.g. only send specific brands, or certain categories, or only specific catalogs )

👍 Important: Any product that is in the product group must also be included in the Global Catalog Container. This is a requirement of Commerce Connector. Therefore, if the product isn't in the Global catalog container then it won't appear in the feed. 

Create your Feed

Now we are ready to create our feed. Simply navigate to Products >> Feeds in the Admin. 

Enter your default values
The below are the default values required by commerce connector. These will be automatically added to the file along with your product details. These values will be used across all products. You can review it by downloading the file after you generate it. 

👍 Important: Don't add currency values or percentages symbols to the default fields...just the values themselves. e.g. Bad "19%" ... Good "19"

👍 Important: The default delivery times should be in the format supported by commerce connector. e.g. 24 hours, 2 Days, 3-4 Days

Lastly, click the "Generate feed file"

Wait for about 5-10mins and return to the feed page. You will see the feed appear below the "Generate feed file" button.

Publish your feed

Now you are ready to publish your feed. You can choose to download the feed first and open it to review the content. Once you are happy, simply toggle the "Publish feed" to on and save the document. 

Then copy the "feed file link" and send the Feed file link to Commerce Connector 

🎉 Congrats! You are now done. 

Follow-up Changes:
When you change your product content in the future, you can simply go back into the Product group and make your changes. Then go back into your published feed and simply click the "Generate feed file" button again and click save. That's it...the new file will automatically be update and dropped into the same location as before. Commerce connector will automatically pick up the new file. 

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