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Deprecated Layout Widgets

Everything you need to know about a widget when it is removed or deleted from EvolutionX.

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In rare cases a layout widget in EvolutionX may be removed from the application.  This is usually because it has been replaced by a better option or it can no longer function with new features we are releasing.  

When a Widget is Removed from EvolutionX

When we plan to remove a widget we send notifications to store owners that it will be deprecated and we suggest the alternatives you can use.  Once we remove the widget it will no longer appear in your storefront but it will still be in the Admin Layouts until you remove it.   Your storefront won't break if the widget is still there but the content will no longer display.

How a Deprecated Widget Appears in Admin Layouts

When you open the settings of a deprecated widget you will see the word "Deprecated" in red.  This will mean that it is no longer supported in the storefront and should be removed from your layouts.

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