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Sequence of Line Items on Order Views
Sequence of Line Items on Order Views

Line Items on an Order will show in LIFO as an order is built in the cart and then FIFO sequence when the order is submitted.

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The sequence of line items displayed for an order is based on the most intuitive user experience.  Here is how we sequence the lines and why.

Mini Cart and Cart view (also the Mini Basket and Basket) – LIFO

Items added to a cart or basket are displayed with the last item first (LIFO – Last In First Out) method.  This is to make it easy to find and edit the items a user has just added to their cart or basket.

Checkout, Order History, and Admin Views – FIFO

Once an order is being placed using the Checkout all items are shown in the order they were added to the cart (FIFO – First In First Out).  This will result in the order lines displaying in the order they were added by the user.  This affects the Checkout, Order History, Staff Admin, and the API.

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