Filter Attributes Lazy Loading

How our lazy loading of filterable attributes works.

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You might notice a new feature on the Search & Filters. This is called a skeleton screen or loading placeholder. You will recognize these from some of the most popular sites on the web ( Google, Facebook, BBC, etc ). Have a look below to see it in action.Β 

Why is it there?

The skeleton screen is part of our lazy loading of attributes. This is the first of many performance improvements that we are bringing in across our platform. The lazy loading allows us to add caching of the attributes for a short period of time (5mins) and helps improve your site performance and resilience. Β This is part of our ongoing strategy to constantly improve store performance.Β 

How it affects you

There is no affect on you or your site. πŸ˜€ This just works out of the box and doesn't require you to change anything on your store.

Now go have a lovely day! 🏝

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