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Creating/Updating User Passwords

Please read below for some important information about user passwords

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Evolution X easily allows you to create/amend a user password from the adminscreen.

Go into Customers > Accounts > User > Edit User > Reset Password:

The system will then send out a temporary password to your user. Please note that the password expires in 30 days; if your user attempts login after those, you will need to generate a different password or ask them to use the forgot password process.

NOTE: Evolution X will not send out permanent passwords due to our compliance to recent GDPR and security best practice.

Sending Out Passwords In Bulk: 

If you have an account with multiple users and you do not want to send passwords one by one, you can rapidly do this through the following rules:

  • Open the All Users module (admin → Customers → All Users)

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and change it to show 100 users per page

  • At the top of the page filter for the users of the account by using the account column and setting the account name, then press return

  • Now that all of the displayed users are from the selected account you can use the select-all tick box over the left column to select the displayed ones, you can go to the next page and repeat until all are selected.

  • Finally, chose the option above the select-all tick box to "reset and send temp pass". This will reset their passwords and send the new ones by email.

The below is the e-mail your customers will receive:

Creating passwords in bulk via import

If you are creating a new account via our import method, you can also input user passwords in the system through the spreadsheet.

Go into Customers > Users > Import Users and Download Template.  There is a column in the template called "password", which you can fill in appropriately.

PLEASE NOTE: The import method only works when creating new temporary passwords which are changed on the first login. These are good for 30 days and then a forgot password process can be used to reset the password. 

Our system allows migration of customers through the import and API process but does not allow managing of passwords on existing users.  Once it hits Evolution X, good user security practices and GDPR principals are enforced.  

For further clarification, please contact our friendly support team, who will be happy to answer any questions.

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