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Import Product Cost Prices
Import Product Cost Prices

Import your product cost prices quickly and easily!

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Some of the methods of pricing product ranges on your EvolutionX store rely on the products having a cost price set up in the system; for example Margin and Markup pricing.

You'll be pleased to know that for those suppliers we cannot collect cost prices for there is a super easy way to do this.

**Please note - The only cost prices we auto-collect for at the moment is Vow, Exertis, CTS Toners, Tradesupply, JGBM and Trimfold Envelopes.** - To set this up, please refer to this article: Automated Cost Price Collection

All we need to know is the SKU number (Product Code), Supplier ID and your cost to buy.

The supplier ID is found by clicking into the Suppliers module in EvoX and noting the ID for the supplier of the products we're going to be loading the cost prices for.  Note that we don't require the # in the import spreadsheet, just the 4 digit number.

Next, we're doing to drop into the Products module and click Products > Import and select Import Product Cost

From the import product cost screen, you'll be able to download the template in csv format -  this will give you format we need to import which is just SKU, Supplier ID and Cost Price.

Once done, save this file and use the Choose File button to select the file you just created and hit 'Import' button.

You'll then be presented with a snapshot of your import spreadsheet and the first 10 lines. This is where you'll check the headers of the columns of the spreadsheet. They must match the import routine. If they don't, EvoX will let you know and you can choose the correct option from the drop down:

Once rectified, click the blue Import button at the bottom of the screen and your import will begin:

Check the progress/status of your import

Once you've run the import, you'll want to make sure that it has run successfully. You can do this by navigating to Imports in the menu on the left:

Your latest import will be at the top and will have a status symbol to the left:

Green tick - Import has completed successfully

Grey clock - Import is currently in progress

Red cross - Import failed

By clicking the blue link on your import, you can see in greater detail the import data:

We operate a traffic light system for colour coding:

Green is all good

Yellow is duplicate data

Red numbers indicate something's wrong with the data in the import.

To find out what's went wrong, click the blue Request Report button.

You'll then need to rectify any errors and run the import again.

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