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Admin Creating quotes & Converting to orders
Admin Creating quotes & Converting to orders

Create a quote within your adminscreen and convert it to an order!

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EvolutionX gives you the ability to create quotations and process orders for your customers via the adminscreen of the software.  This article will walk you through the steps required.

First of all, its worth mentioning that to create an order for a customer via adminscreen, you would use the New Quote option for this.

To create a quote/place an order, click on Orders > New quote

Here you can enter the details for a user that already exists on the system to create a quote for them. Just search for the user and their details will automatically be populated.

You can also make use of the "Continue as Guest" button if user does not exist on the system.

Next step - add your PO Reference.

After this, you can start typing SKUs in the "Select Items" section to add to quote.  Enter the quantity and click on "Add Item".

Now you can add a billing and delivery address. You can also add an order note and a delivery note. Below that, you can select a payment option of your choice.

Once you're done selecting a billing and delivery address, you can press the 'Generate Delivery Rule' button to see which appropriate methods apply according to delivery rules set in your system settings.  Click here for a quick recap on how to setup your delivery methods.

Next, you will see the following options :

Send order confirmation email will send out a confirmation email on the email address specified in the quote.

Don't process order for collection, if enabled, this will not allow the order to be processed to your ERP system.

Quote Expires means the quote will expire on the date provided

At this point, you have two options. Either to email quote to the customer and save the quote on the system using the following button.

Or, you can convert this into an order straight away using the 'Convert Quote Into Order' button near the bottom of the screen.

Job done! 😎

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