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Account Managers (Sales Reps)

Want to keep your Account Managers up to date with orders placed? Easy!

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You can now setup single or multiple Account managers for your customers and show the account manager on the customers dashboard. This can be done through the Admin area under the customer edit screen.

Show your account managers on the dashboard.

First, add your account managers to the store.

Then add your Account manager to the customer.

Primary Account manager

The first account manager listed, for that customer, is the primary account holder. This means that he or she will be the individual that will receive the Order Emails, if the toggle has been enabled in the Account manager records (See below).

Receive order emails (Primary account managers)

Your internal or field-based account managers can be kept fully up to date on orders which are placed by their customers through your EvolutionX webstore. ย It's really easy to setup too - click on 'Store Settings' and select 'Account Managers' from the horizontal navigation bar.

Simply click on + New Manager and fill in the details!

Under "Receive order emails when orders are placed. Order emails are sent to only Primary Account Managers" ensure you click on the enable button.

Your account managers will now receive a copy of the order confirmation - simple as that!

Now enable the account manager tile on the user roles

That's it now login as the customer to see the new tile

Developer Section

On the storefront we deliver the account managers as part of everypage request. Simply use the evoXLayer()

๐Ÿ˜ƒ Pretty Cool Right!

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