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The evoXLayer object
The evoXLayer object

What is the EvoXLayer. Why should I care and why it's awesome.

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Some of you might be aware of the Google analytics/Tag manager datalayer. The evoXLayer is just like that but with your customer data, when they are logged in.

For those that aren't familiar with the datalayer, here is a really short description. The datalayer is simply certain information that is organized into a javascript object. This object is incredibly handy as it provides an organized and predictable way for your developer to find and do cool things with that information.

What does it look like?

As you can see it is the user information organized in one place. 

Why should I care?

The evoXLayer allows your developer to do all sorts of cool things. You can use this information to provide realtime messaging to your customers when they login. You can use the information to pass data to Google Analytics about how logged in Users interact with your store content. You pass this information into chat messaging services to more personalize the your customers experiences. And much more. 

How do I access it?

To access the datalayer you can simply use the below. 


Access the Users email


👍 Note: When the user is logged-out, the evoXLayer is empty of all user related details. 

What is in it?

There are several bits of information and we are adding more all the time. 

  • User details

  • Rewards setting

  • Account managers

    • There are two key/value pairs

    • The first shows the primary account manager (first on in the list in Admin)

    • The second shows all account managers

  • Default branch 

  • Cart ID

    • Cart_id will be "0" until something is added the cart

    • The EvoXLayer updates only when the page is reloaded

      • For example, if you have no cart and then add something to the cart. The cart id won't update until the page is reloaded.

    • The cart id will be the same for the entire session, even after you clear the cart.

  • Intercom App user details (if the app is enabled)

🎉 Another great example of evoX being flexible to suit your diverse needs.

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