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Storefront Login Failure
Storefront Login Failure

What might be preventing your storefront customer from logging in successfully.

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EvoX stores use Google reCAPTCHA to prevent bots from attempting to login to your store and exploit your customers accounts. This is critical protection for your storefront customers, as it helps to protect against account takeover and malicious orders.

Login reCAPTCHA on your store

πŸ‘ Important: If you don't see the reCAPTCHA message, then you don't have reCAPTCHA installed on your store.

My Customer Can't Login

On occassion a customer may run into issues logging into your store. This may be due to reCAPTCHA at login or possibly our DCC security layer.

πŸ‘ Important: If your customer is seeing this message, they are getting blocked by our DCC protection layer. Get the time / date / timezone / user details of the attempt and contact customer success to resolve.

DCC Security Layer

Login form reCAPTCHA

πŸ‘ Important: Confirm the customer is not seeing the above DCC "One more step" page.

When a storefront customer attempts to login, reCAPTCHA reviews a number of factors to determine if this is a real Human or a bot.

If it suspects a bot or a malicious intent, it will present the user with a CAPTCHA to complete.

Occassionally real storefront customers will be have difficulties logging in. This can occur for several reasons.

Typical causes

  1. The browser (or extension) may be populating a different password

  2. You may be entering the wrong password or email.

  3. Email is listed as compromised by Google

  4. Password is too weak e.g. It is found on common password lists

  5. Email and password have been associated with an existing compromised site(s)

  6. The IP address you are using has been blacklisted or know to have been compromised

  7. The Email being used is not a real email with an inbox

πŸ‘ Important Next Step

  1. Try to login using a different computer.

  2. Try to login using your cell phone while on data connection (Not WIFI)

  3. Try from your home computer

  4. Ask a colleague to try, using your username/password.

  5. Ask us to change your password to be changed to a strong password unique. Use the strong password from now on.

If the above fails, contact customer success for help in resolving.

Why We Implemented reCAPTCHA:

Enhanced Security: The primary reason for adding reCAPTCHA is to strengthen the security of our platform. With the rise of cyber threats, including automated bots attempting to breach accounts, reCAPTCHA helps to ensure that only legitimate users can access our system. This added layer of security protects your customer's personal and sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Preventing Fraudulent Activities: Automated bots can be used for various malicious activities, such as credential stuffing, where stolen usernames and passwords are used to gain unauthorized access. By distinguishing between human and automated access attempts, reCAPTCHA helps prevent such fraudulent activities.

Improving Overall User Experience: While it may seem counterintuitive, implementing reCAPTCHA can improve the overall user experience. By keeping bots at bay, we reduce the risk of service interruptions and ensure that our resources are allocated to genuine users, resulting in a smoother and more reliable service for you.

Compliance with Security Standards: In today’s digital environment, adhering to best practices and security standards is crucial. The integration of reCAPTCHA aligns with industry standards for securing user data and maintaining the integrity of our services.

Security is important to us, have a great day πŸ’ͺ

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