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ECI Acctivate ERP Integration
ECI Acctivate ERP Integration

Acctivate ERP Integration enables synchronisation with EvolutionX WebStores, it allows to sync customers, orders, inventory and tracking.

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What Is Acctivate?

Acctivate offers additional functionalities seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, allowing users to manage inventory, purchasing, order management, and business analytics without the need to switch accounting software. ECI facilitates the connection between Acctivate and the EvolutionX WebStore by synchronising customers, orders, inventory, and tracking details.

Modules Integrated with EvolutionX

Let's explore In-depth what can ECI Acctivate integration can allows to do.

Order Sync

  • Acctivate software pulls new orders from EvolutionX

  • Acctivate will push order status updates to EvolutionX

Customer Sync

  • Acctivate software will pull parents customers associated with a new order from EvolutionX

  • Acctivate software will pull guest customers associated with a new order from EvolutionX (if enabled)

Tracking Orders Sync

  • Acctivate software will push order tracking updates to EvolutionX

Pre Requisites

  • For this integration to be able to work it is needed to acquire Advanced Webstore Module for Acctivate software, this can be done by getting in touch with Acctivate sales to purchase their "Advanced Webstore Module".


EvolutionX Configuration

  • Install the Acctivate app from App Store and set up a user and password, this user and password must match Acctivate's webstore sync configuration.

Acctivate's Software Configuration

We do recommend to read the following Acctivate's documentation for a better understanding:

Acctivate's Software Recommended Configuration

STEP 1 - Create New template

  • ID: EvolutionX

  • Name: EvolutionX

  • Type: Web Store

  • Tick 'Active' box

STEP 2 - Configure Web Store Source

  • Type: Webservice | Native

  • Service URL: (make sure to include http or https on the url)

  • Username: Set a username of your choice it must match the one at EvolutionX Configuration above

  • Password: Set secure password it also must match the one at EvolutionX Configuration above

STEP 3 - Configure WebStore Options

  • Automatically retry importing skipped orders: Yes

  • Create customers for guests: No (optional, this will allow to create customers from guest users, but it will repeat on next purchase with the same data therefore is not recommended)

  • Create reminders for warning: (optional)

  • Export carrier when exporting shipments: Yes

  • Export inventory: No

  • Export order status changes: Yes

  • Export Shipments: Yes

  • Import customers: Yes

  • Import Orders: Yes

  • Webservice supports extended API: Yes

  • Date/Time format: yyyy'-'MM'-'dd

Remaining of Steps - Just hit Next for the remaining steps and ate the end hit import the order

Status conversion table



Acctivate Interpretation

Scheduled (S)

In Progress (2)

Products are allocated based on current stock availability. Some products may still be backordered but the order has not been invoiced yet.

BackOrder (K)

In Progress (2)

The order has been partially fulfilled and invoiced. Some products have been shipped, while the remaining items are awaiting new stock to complete the order.

Completed (C)

Completed (7)

The order is completed

Cancelled (X)

Cancelled (6)

The order is cancelled


Where will the orders/customers go after Import ?

After the successful import the orders will be under sales, and customers will be under customers.

Is There a way to identify that an order came from EvolutionX ?

Yes the EvolutionX orders will return will set the MarketingCode as EvolutionX, we do recommend the next article to understand how marketing codes works.

Adding and using marketing codes. (

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