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Nuvei Credit Card & ACH Payments
Nuvei Credit Card & ACH Payments

Learn how to setup Nuvei credit card payment gateway.

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We have two Apps for Nuvei. One for Credit Cards and the other for ACH payments. This enables you to decide who can use which services where.


  • ACH payments is only available for USA customers

  • Pre-Auth and Capture later is not available for Invoice & AR Payments

You can enable both Apps for

  • Storefront Orders

  • Invoice and Account payments

You can also add Convenience Fees / Surcharges to both Apps, if you need to pass on fees to your customer

ERP Support

Each ERP handles payments differently. Check your ERP setup page to find out what is supported.

Credit Card Nuvei Integration with EvolutionX

EvolutionX has a certified integration with Nuvei payments which supports:

  • SCA and 3D Secure

  • User Saved Cards

  • Invoice Payments (requires an ERP Integration to Live Invoicing)

  • Checkout Integration for Orders

  • My Account saved cards view

  • AVS and CVV security checking

  • Order Pre-auth or Charge now options

  • EvolutionX configuration and reporting support

Order Checkout View

Install Credit Card Nuvei App in EvolutionX

App Store Setup of the Nuvei App starts with the following fields:

  • Credentials: Get your merchant id, merchant site id, and Merchant secret key from Nuvei.

  • Use Level 3 data — enable Level 3 data if needed, this will send order and line data to the payment processors

  • Status — Enable this toggle to switch from using test cards to processing production payments.

Configure Credit Card Payment Settings

In Admin, go to Store Settings → Payment Methods to configure the payment method on the storefront.

  • Storefront Label — sets the description seen by the customer when choosing this payment method, recommend "Credit Card" or Credit Card by Nuvei".

  • Charge Option — set as Pre-auth and Capture in checkout will secure payment at the time of order placement and set as Pre-auth & Capture on Dispatch will require a separate capture step to secure payment. Consult with our Customer Success Team on these settings.

  • Payment Restriction — this will present the payment method to all customers, customers with credit enabled, or customers without credit enabled. Learn more about these options here.


How can I test Credit Card charges working?

When you first setup the App you can run tests in the storefront using a test card. See the instructions on Nuvei website.

Visa: 4761344136141390

cvv and expiration dates are mandatory, but can be any valid value.

How can I test ACH is working?

To test the ACH, you Nuvei requires you to have a specific amount and use the correct number. See the details here.

Successful Deposit and Successful Pre-approval

Success – Amount: 1.25
Account No: 111111111
Routing No: 123456780

How do I capture Pre Auth Payments?

If you have set your payment to "Pre Auth & Capture on dispatch"

You can settle the payment from within EvoX Store

ACH - How do we know payment was approved?

ACH payments can take several days to fully move through the ACH processors. Thus, you will need to login to Nuvei regularly to confirm a payment has been made. You will see the Approval status in the transaction area of Nuvei cPanel.

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