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Learn how to install or onto your EvoX store.

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In the digital age, the success of your e-commerce business hinges not only on the quality of your products but also on the power of your customer reviews. Positive reviews can turn hesitant shoppers into loyal customers, while negative reviews can steer them away. To harness this potential, many businesses turn to dedicated review platforms like In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of setting up product reviews on your website using, enhancing your online presence, and driving more sales.

Getting Started with

Before we dive into the technical aspects of integrating into your website, let's start with some basics. To set up product reviews with, you will need an active account. If you haven't signed up yet, head to their website and create an account. offers different pricing tiers, so choose the one that best suits your business needs.

Add an HTML Widget

Add an HTML widget to your product layout and add the below HTML into it.

<div class="ReviewsWidget panel panel-border"></div>

CSS in Theme Options

Add the below css to the theme options area of your EvoX store.

/* style */
.ReviewsWidget.panel-border {
padding: 30px 15px 10px;
border-color: #404041;
/* end of style */

Javascript in Theme Options

Finally, add the Javascript to the theme options Footer Block.

<!-- script -->
// setup
// Check if the body has the ex-product class
var productPage = document.body.classList.contains("ex-product") ? true : false;

// run the logic and options
function runReviewLogic(productPage) {
if (productPage) {
// get the current product code from the page
var bodyClassProd = document
.querySelector(".productdetails .label")
.textContent.replace(/^Product Code: /, "");

// set the options
var reviewJson = {
store: "ace-safetywear",
widget: "polaris",
options: {
types: "product_review,questions",
lang: "en",
layout: "",
per_page: 3,
store_review: {
hide_if_no_results: false,
third_party_review: {
hide_if_no_results: false,
product_review: {
// set the product code
sku: bodyClassProd,
hide_if_no_results: false,
questions: {
hide_if_no_results: false,
enable_ask_question: true,
show_dates: true,
"[Group questions by providing a grouping variable here or a specific product SKU]",
header: {
enable_summary: true,
enable_ratings: true,
enable_attributes: true,
enable_image_gallery: true,
enable_percent_recommended: false,
enable_write_review: true,
enable_ask_question: true,
enable_sub_header: true,
rating_decimal_places: 2,
use_write_review_button: false,
filtering: {
enable: true,
enable_text_search: true,
enable_sorting: true,
enable_product_filter: false,
enable_media_filter: true,
enable_overall_rating_filter: true,
enable_language_filter: false,
enable_language_filter_language_change: false,
enable_ratings_filters: true,
enable_attributes_filters: true,
reviews: {
enable_avatar: true,
enable_reviewer_name: true,
enable_reviewer_address: true,
reviewer_address_format: "city, country",
enable_verified_badge: true,
enable_subscriber_badge: true,
review_content_filter: "undefined",
enable_reviewer_recommends: true,
enable_attributes: true,
enable_product_name: true,
enable_review_title: null,
enable_replies: true,
enable_images: true,
enable_ratings: true,
enable_share: true,
enable_helpful_vote: true,
enable_helpful_display: true,
enable_report: true,
enable_date: true,
enable_third_party_source: true,
translations: {
"Verified Customer": "Verified Customer",
styles: {
"--base-font-size": "16px",
"--common-button-font-family": "inherit",
"--common-button-font-size": "16px",
"--common-button-font-weight": "500",
"--common-button-letter-spacing": "0",
"--common-button-text-transform": "none",
"--common-button-vertical-padding": "10px",
"--common-button-horizontal-padding": "20px",
"--common-button-border-width": "2px",
"--common-button-border-radius": "0px",
"--primary-button-bg-color": "#0E1311",
"--primary-button-border-color": "#0E1311",
"--primary-button-text-color": "#ffffff",
"--secondary-button-bg-color": "transparent",
"--secondary-button-border-color": "#0E1311",
"--secondary-button-text-color": "#0E1311",
"--common-star-color": "#0E1311",
"--common-star-disabled-color": "rgba(0,0,0,0.25)",
"--medium-star-size": "22px",
"--small-star-size": "19px",
"--heading-text-color": "#0E1311",
"--heading-text-font-weight": "600",
"--heading-text-font-family": "inherit",
"--heading-text-line-height": "1.4",
"--heading-text-letter-spacing": "0",
"--heading-text-transform": "none",
"--body-text-color": "#0E1311",
"--body-text-font-weight": "400",
"--body-text-font-family": "inherit",
"--body-text-line-height": "1.4",
"--body-text-letter-spacing": "0",
"--body-text-transform": "none",
"--inputfield-text-font-family": "inherit",
"--input-text-font-size": "14px",
"--inputfield-text-font-weight": "400",
"--inputfield-text-color": "#0E1311",
"--inputfield-border-color": "rgba(0,0,0,0.2)",
"--inputfield-background-color": "transparent",
"--inputfield-border-width": "1px",
"--inputfield-border-radius": "0px",
"--common-border-color": "rgba(0,0,0,0.15)",
"--common-border-width": "1px",
"--common-sidebar-width": "190px",
"--slider-indicator-bg-color": "rgba(0,0,0,0.1)",
"--slider-indicator-button-color": "#0E1311",
"--slider-indicator-width": "190px",
"--badge-icon-color": "#0E1311",
"--badge-icon-font-size": "inherit",
"--badge-text-color": "#0E1311",
"--badge-text-font-size": "inherit",
"--badge-text-letter-spacing": "inherit",
"--badge-text-transform": "inherit",
"--author-font-size": "inherit",
"--author-text-transform": "none",
"--avatar-thumbnail-size": "60px",
"--avatar-thumbnail-border-radius": "100px",
"--avatar-thumbnail-text-color": "#0E1311",
"--avatar-thumbnail-bg-color": "rgba(0,0,0,0.1)",
"--photo-video-thumbnail-size": "80px",
"--photo-video-thumbnail-border-radius": "0px",
"--mediaslider-scroll-button-icon-color": "#0E1311",
"--mediaslider-scroll-button-bg-color": "rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.85)",
"--mediaslider-overlay-text-color": "#ffffff",
"--mediaslider-overlay-bg-color": "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)",
"--mediaslider-item-size": "110px",
"--pagination-tab-text-color": "#0E1311",
"--pagination-tab-text-transform": "none",
"--pagination-tab-text-letter-spacing": "0",
"--pagination-tab-text-font-size": "16px",
"--pagination-tab-text-font-weight": "600",
"--pagination-tab-active-text-color": "#0E1311",
"--pagination-tab-active-text-font-weight": "600",
"--pagination-tab-active-border-color": "#0E1311",
"--pagination-tab-border-width": "3px",

// Add a unique id for each widget and then create a new class for each ReviewsWidget
function reviewsWidgetDuplicateId(reviewJson) {
// Get all elements with the class "ReviewsWidget"
const reviewWidgets = document.querySelectorAll(".ReviewsWidget");

// Loop through the elements and assign unique IDs
reviewWidgets.forEach((widget, index) => {
const uniqueId = `ReviewsWidget-${index + 1}`; = uniqueId;

const ReviewsWidgetID = "#" + uniqueId;
new ReviewsWidget(ReviewsWidgetID, reviewJson);

const scriptSrc = "";
const existingScript = document.querySelector(`script[src="${scriptSrc}"]`);

if (!existingScript) {
// The Review io script does not exist, so create and add it to the document
// Create a new script element so you can add the script tag to the page
var scriptReview = document.createElement("script");

// Set the source attribute to the URL of the external library
scriptReview.src = "";

// Append the script element to the document's head (or any other appropriate location)

// run the reviewsWidget once the script tag has been added successfully.
scriptReview.onload = function () {
} else {
// The review script already exists, so just run the ReviewsWidget function
// run the Review io logic, if the page is a product page
if (productPage) {

// This function will be called on configurable product pages when a user makes a selection.
function evoXProductChangeCallback() {
// Add content here, if it needed to be executed on the product page after a user makes selections on a configurable product.

<!-- end of script -->

Now go to a product page and test it's working

πŸš€ That's it, have a wonderful day!!

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