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ERP Live Quotes Integrations
ERP Live Quotes Integrations

Learn some of the details around live quoting with your TIMS or Kourier Eclipse ERP

Written by Lucas Hart
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ERP Integration of Live Quotes

Stores with ERP integrations that support Live Quotes include:

  • TIMS

  • Kourier V2 by Kore for Eclipse ERP

When enabled, EvolutionX replaces the quotes list view and detail pages with a live lookup to the ERP quote records.

Quotes can be requested using our Quotes 1.0 form and sent by email to the distributor's staff. Quotes are not visible in the live lookup until they are added to the ERP.

Note: Stores with the above integrations installed will not be able to enable or support Quote 2.0 features in the storefront.

TIMS Live Quotes Integration


In the App Store for TIMS, toggle the Live Quotes on:

Enable Live Quotes: If toggled on the Sales Quotation area will show only the Tims Quotes, replacing the EvoX quotes. This is a read-only feature and the quotes are not able to be converted through that area.

KourierV2 Live Quotes Integration for Eclipse

Kourier integration in EvolutionX replaces the quotes list and detail pages with a live lookup to Eclipse using the Kourier integration from Kore. your customers directly from your Kourier ERP System. In real time, we make a call to your Kourier system for each quote that is being shown to the user.


To enable the live quote it will be necessary to enable it in the App Store and also check if the ERP has the endpoints working and updated. If it is enabled in the App Store to use Live Quote but the endpoint does not exist or is not enabled in Kourier, a 404 error will be returned on the quotes listing page.


On your App Store, select your Kourier Integrator V2 app to edit, enable the Live Quotes and save it.

Kourier ERP

As each installation of Kourier is done on an independent server, it is necessary to check whether the /Quotes and /Quotes/Recent endpoints are available and updated.


Once configured correctly, customers must have access to Sales Quotations, after which the Sales quotation menu will be available to them.

Read more about Customer User Roles

How to access:

Open the Your Account menu, and choose the Sales Quotation submenu or access via the url /customer/quotes.

Endpoints explained

GET /Quotes

This endpoint uses the QuoteID field returned in the Quotes listing to access data for a specific quote.

Where it is used:

  1. View Quote

  2. Print Quote

GET /Quotes/Recent

In this endpoint, the Seller Reference is used to filter the customer's quotes, and the start and end date filter can be added to reduce the number of results.

Where it is used:

  1. Quote List

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