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EvoX AI App Integration for Blog Writing
EvoX AI App Integration for Blog Writing

Blog articles can be written using ChatGPT and your premium OpenAI account.

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Using AI to help write blog articles can offer benefits such as time efficiency, a consistency in tone and style, and creative topic suggestions.

However, while AI enhances content creation, it's important to complement it with human creativity and expertise for a well-rounded and engaging blog!

Here's how you can benefit from AI in your EvolutionX store.

Step 1

Sign up for an OpenAI account - you'll need to subscribe to their Premium account.

Hover over the left hand bar to expand the menu, and click on API keys.

Create a new secret key (API) - we need this for the App in EvolutionX.

Step 2

OpenAI now uses a prepaid pricing model, so you’ll need to add credit to your account for the blog generation to work.

On the same menu, go to Usage, then click on the Increase limit button.

Step 3

Find and install the EvoXAI App and select your provider (OpenAI in this case) and copy / paste in your secret key you have from step 1. We'd always recommend using copy / paste to ensure it's correct! Don't forget to hit 'Update' to save this details.

You'll be asked to agree to AI Tool terms and conditions to continue.

Now, when you go into blogs to create your next article, you'll see the option to ask EvoXAI to help write your post!

If blog generation doesn’t work, go back to your OpenAI account and check the available credit.

You can also use this feature of other main places across the admin:

Hope you enjoy this one - it's a favourite of mine!

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