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Live Checkout Shipping Method Lookup — Real-Time from the ERP
Live Checkout Shipping Method Lookup — Real-Time from the ERP

Have your ERP choose the shipping methods available during the checkout process. We explain how to integration new back-office ERP systems.

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Live Checkout Shipping Methods, provides real-time information to logged users on your EvolutionX webstore. In the checkout, customers can get the shipping method options calculated by the ERP.

Live Checkout Shipping Method

The following requests and responses are examples for Live Checkout Shipping Method.

Request Header


  • Bearer Token is preferred but oAuth2 and other authorization types can be supported too.

  • The Method for the endpoint should be POST.

Example Request Header:

Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer Token or username & password

Request Body


  • The Customer Code attribute will use the references of the ERP for the account number. It is not required for the ERP to store EvolutionX IDs for these entities. If needed, the EvolutionX Customer Account can store a GUID or Record ID in the Seller Reference as well (ask DevOps if you need this value in this integration).

Example Request Body

"customer_code": "C010268",
"address1": "Address1",
"address2": null,
"address3": null,
"city": "GIBSONBURG",
"state": "OH",
"country": "US",
"zip": "43431",
"items": [
"sku": "5620",
"quantity": "2",
"uom": "1",
"unit_price": "16.8",
"total_price": "33.6"

Response Body


  • The response most follow the example structure.

Example Request Body

"shipping_methods": [
"label": "In 3 days",
"fixed_rate": 10,
"total": "10.00"
"label": "Free",
"fixed_rate": 0,
"total": "0.00"

Live Customer ERP

To use this feature we provide an ERP that uses the struct of the examples above and can be used following this article.

Contact the customer success team to discuss a new integration project.

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