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Customers can quickly add items to the basket in very few steps using the Quick Order tool.

This tool opens as a modal dialog that floats on top of any page displaying an input field to enter a product SKU.

However, some companies would rather have their customers using a tool resembling a blank sheet to search and add items into each line.

Introducing Quick Order as Page

Enable Quick Order as a page in your Store Settings / Store Preferences in section Other Settings and save.

Please remember: Scanning items with the the codebar scanner is not currently supported in this view. If that tool is used on your store, do not enable Quick Order as a Page.

When this setting is enabled, the Quick Order tool becomes a page on its own displaying a grid to enable customers to add and remove as many lines as they want and enter items on each line:

Adding and removing items

Search for the product code (search will also find items by name), set the quantity and add to the basket from the button at the bottom.

You can add or remove as many lines as you like in advance. Lines can be left blank when clicking the Add to the basket button.

Quick viewing an item

Product images are not displayed in this list but any item can be quickly viewed by clicking on its name, the quick view modal will open to display the product information.

Importing items

Importing items using Quick Order works identically to the regular quick order tool from the dialog. Open the import dialog from the Import from CSV file button and upload the CSV file pre-filled with the product codes and quantities to add.

Quick Order Layout

Quick Order as Page supports layouts.

When this setting is enabled, your store will feature a new layout in Appearance / Layouts to allow all types of customisations.

Widget Quickorder Grid is the only widget placed by default in this layout. Stores can modify it freely as with any other layout adding columns and widgets to it.

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