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First Atlantic Commerce Credit Card Payments
First Atlantic Commerce Credit Card Payments

Credit card payment gateway

Written by Byron Beleris
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First Atlantic Commerce Integration with EvolutionX

EvolutionX has an integration with First Atlantic Commerce which supports:

  • User Saved Cards - This requires First Atlantic to activate card tokenizations for your account

  • Invoice Payments (requires an ERP Integration to Live Invoicing)

  • My Account saved cards view

  • Checkout Integration for Orders

  • AVS and CVV security checking

  • Order Pre-auth or Charge now options

  • EvolutionX configuration and reporting support

Order Checkout View

Setup First Atlantic Commerce Account

  1. Install and test the First Atlantic Commerce App Store once enabled on your store

Install First Atlantic Commerce App in EvolutionX

App Store Setup of the First Atlantic Commerce App starts with the following fields:

  • Credentials: Get your merchant ID, password, and PowerTranz gateway key from First Atlantic Commerce

  • Enable 3D Secure — Enable 3D Secure to check cards with two factor authentication provided by the banks to lower the risk of fraud.

  • Enable Kount Fraud Checking — Enable Kount fraud check to stop any kind of financial fraud, screen transaction data, and stay fully compliant.

  • Status — Enable this toggle to switch from using test cards to processing production payments.

Configure Payment Settings

In Admin, go to Store Settings → Payment Methods to configure the payment method on the storefront.

  • Storefront Label — sets the description seen by the customer when choosing this payment method, recommend "Credit Card" or Credit Card by First Atlantic Commerce".

  • Charge Option — set as Pre-auth and Capture in checkout will secure payment at the time of order placement and set as Pre-auth & Capture on Dispatch will require a separate capture step to secure payment. Consult with our Customer Success Team on these settings.

  • Payment Restriction — this will present the payment method to all customers, customers with credit enabled, or customers without credit enabled. Learn more about these options here.


  • We suggest that the PTZBasicCheckout template is used.

    If the CheckoutWithValidation template is selected, please follow the next steps to style the form so it fits the modal on the evoX checkout page.

    1. Set the Form element width to 400px and set its class to 'push-1'

    2. Remove style from div element next to Form that has a class of 'container'

    3. Set the button in middle by selecting it and clicking the align button of the WYSIWYG options

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