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Storefront Quote Builder
Storefront Quote Builder

Enable your customers to create quotes for their customers.

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Example usecase: A builder can add products to a cart and create a quote from this cart. He/She/They can then customize this quote adding their labor cost and other unique products and services. They can then send that quote to the homeowner directly from within the website.

Features: Storefront user (e.g. Builder)

  • Add company logo

  • Storefront user can email quotes to their end customers

  • Track Acceptance and Rejections

  • Edit Quotes and resend

  • Add margins to all products and services

  • Add products not available on the store (e.g. Services, Labor costs, etc)

  • Copy quotes

  • Create Invoices

By making the quote creation process easy and user-friendly, builders can increase the chances of customers choosing their services over their competitors. With the ability to create a professional and accurate quote quickly, builders can impress homeowners and build trust in their brand, leading to more repeat business and referrals.

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