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Advanced Quicklist Options
Advanced Quicklist Options

Enable advanced tools for your quicklists to enable copy, move, multiple add-to-cart and default quantities.

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Quicklists are a great tool to help your customers having all their products well organised and ready to order at any time.

From there customers can order a selection of products by adjusting the quantity and clicking the button to add to the basket.

This process can be improved along with a better experience managing these lists.

Introducing Advanced Quicklist Options

Advanced Quicklists are normal product quicklists with advanced tools that will enable them to do much more, such as:

  • Quicklist Groups

  • Adding up to 100 products to the basket at once;

  • Adding a single product to the basket with one click;

  • Setting default quantities;

  • Copying multiple products to a different quicklist;

  • Moving multiple products to a different quicklist;

  • Removing multiple products at once from a quicklist;

This set of features can be enabled from your Admin console via the toggle Advanced Quicklist Options in Store Settings > General > Store Preferences, section Other Settings

Please remember: If your store was launched after March 2023 this feature should be already enabled for you.

Quicklist Groups

Quicklist Groups are available when Advanced Quicklist Options are enabled int the Admin. They allow items within a quicklist to be added to one or more groups for filtering and organizing the products.

Features of a Quicklist Group include:

  • Add a product to one or multiple groups

  • Set a default quantity for the same product differently within each group

  • Add or Move products to groups within a quicklist using multi-select

  • Organise the order the groups appear in the filters area.

Adding to the basket

Users can easily add to the basket by selecting the items and clicking the button.

The quantity as default will be the minimum order quantity allowed for each product.

They can also change the default quantity for each product.

Setting default quantities

Some customers might regularly purchase certain items in a specific quantity. They can now save the default quantity for each item by clicking the Update default quantity button.

Remember: A product that is selected will remember its quantity set for as long as the checkbox is selected. If the page is reloaded, the quantity entered will remain the same, instead of the default quantity.

Adding up to 100 items at once to the basket

Remember: Some products can be selected but if they can not be added to the basket for any reason (prevent adding when out of stock, call for price, quote me), these products will be skipped.

Which means, a customer might have more than 100 items selected and still be able to add the selection to the basket.

The limitation can be reduced if the setting in Store Preferences > Order Settings > Cart items limit is lower than 100

What does the screen Validating products do when adding the selected products to the basket?

When a product is selected, the minimum order quantity, multiples of, unit of measure and selected quantity are remembered.

The selection is stored in the browser's session and that selection can be remembered for a long time, especially if the user keeps the same tab open for a long period of time and restores all tabs each time the browser is reopened.

For that reason, if the unit of measure or minimum quantity order for example changes, when the user finally decides to add the products to the basket, it can happen that these values will now be different from when the user selected the product.

If that happens, this validation will fail and take the user to a screen to display what changed and let them decide if they still want to proceed.

Copying products to a different quicklist

Select your products, expand the context menu next to the Add to Basket button and Copy.

Moving products to a different quicklist

Select your products, expand the context menu next to the Add to Basket button and Move.

Remember: It is possible to select items from different pages, the selection will not be lost by switching pages.

At any time you can clear your selection.

Removing multiple products at once from a quicklist

Select your products, expand the context menu next to the Add to Basket button and Remove.


Does Quicklist Groups integration with DDMS Laundry Lists

Quicklists Groups is an alternative to Laundry Lists and does not read or integrate with DDMS Laundry Lists. We expect to help distributors with the migration of their Laundry Lists to QuickList Groups and then the distributor will use the QuickList Groups instead of Laundry Lists.

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