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Add to Restricted Addresses in checkout
Add to Restricted Addresses in checkout

Allow users to add addresses at checkout, even when restricted to addresses

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Pre-released: Ask us about enabling it for your store

When users are restricted to a limited list of addresses, they are not able to add addresses on the storefront. This is convenient in most cases as these users are normally not allowed to add more addresses to the company account.

This pre-release feature will override this restriction allowing the user to add addresses to the account and have the address added to their list of restricted addresses.


Your users are restricted to shipping to certain addresses but they are allowed to add their home office as another shipping address. You want this address to be available only to that user. You will want all users except Admins to have restricted addresses enabled on their user account.


Any user that has access to view all company account addresses will be able to see and edit any address that is added by a user in checkout.

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