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JumpTrack Order Tracking

A mobile proof of delivery software.

Written by Byron Beleris
Updated over a week ago

JumpTrack is a new app that can show order tracking details. To use JumpTrack, the DDMSPLUS app must be enabled. Please contact our support team if you want it to be enabled for other ERPs.

Installation guide:

Step 1

Retrieve a vendor key from ECI solutions

Step 2

Activate the App in the App Store on EvolutionX

That's it!

JumpTrack is installed and the users can see the tracking details of the orders.


In the Order List view, the user can click on the dropdown button and the tracking details selection will show

A pop-up will show up, showing the order tracking details:

The same pop-up can be viewed from inside the Order page by clicking the Tracking details link there

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