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Epicor Eclipse Integration using Kore Kourier Integrator
Epicor Eclipse Integration using Kore Kourier Integrator

The v2 integration with Epicore Eclipse and the Kore Kourier Integrator is detailed here with the scope and important notes.

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This article documents the v2 of the Kore Kourier Integrator for Eclipse ERP. Some specifics can vary by distributor through configurations and customisations.

Customer Sync from Eclipse to EvolutionX

Eclipse Customer Status and Web Use Cases

Distributor Use

EvolutionX UX

Eclipse Settings

Customer has Credit and is allowed to order.

User can Access Customer Account and Buy using the On Account payment method.

Customer ship-to:

COD* = false

web-enabled = true

OE Exempt = false

deleted flag = false

Customer Closes a ship-to Location.

User Can Access the Bill-to Customer Account but a child account (ship-to) is closed and removed

Customer ship-to set:

web-enabled = false

OE Exempt = true

Customer required to Pay in Advance

User Can Access Customer Account but can only buy using a Credit Card

Customer ship-to:

COD* = true

web-enabled = true

OE Exempt = false

deleted flag = false

Customer on credit hold, cannot order, but can access their account to see invoices.

User Can Access Customer Account but add-to-cart and order processing is disabled.

Customer bill-to set:

OE Exempt = true

web-enabled = true

deleted flag = false

Customer cannot access their account.

User cannot login because the customer account is disabled. Exiting sessions are logged out.

Customer bill-to & ship-to entities set:

web-enabled = false

Customer account is deleted in Eclipse.

User cannot login to the customer because it is disabled. Exiting sessions are logged out.

Customer entity set:

deleted flag = true

* Starred Eclipse attributes indicate the value can be set to inherit from the bill-to entity in Eclipse.

Products Sync from Eclipse to EvolutionX

Kourier sets Product Category

When a product is created or updated the default category is set by Kourier Integrator. To do this, Kourier will use the Eclipse product's select code and find the first category in EvolutionX with a matching value in the Category Supplier Reference field. This image shows where the Eclipse product select code can be stored on an own category using the Supplier Reference field. Note that managed catagories can not be used for storing Eclipse product select codes.

Checkout Integration

Live lookup for PO Required Setting

When the address step of the checkout is displayed, EvolutionX will check the current customer account record on Eclipse and enforce the PO required based on the Eclipse customer record.

Off Catalog Items

When generating an order that includes an item not listed in Eclipse, it is essential to replace it with the Off Catalog SKU. Rest assured that the original SKU will be indicated in the order line comment.

Note: This feature requires to have the App Store Field "SKU for off-catalog items on orders" to be populated with a specific item created in Eclipse.

Live Quotes Integration

Note that Quotes 2.0 is not available for stores with the Kourier V2 app installed. Support for Live Quotes is available for supported integrations as documented here.

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