This article will show you how to setup the following analytic events.

  • Add to cart

  • Remove from cart

  • View items

πŸ‘ Important: If you haven't already setup Google Analytics & Tag Manager, then you need to do that first. Check out our Start Here article.

About the events

The first two events are fairly straight forward. When a customer clicks the "add to cart" button, the event will fire that products basic details to Google Analytics. If the customer click to remove the item from the cart, the "remove_from_cart" event will fire with the basic product details.

The View item event will fire when someone views the product details page. This shows that they are, more than likely, interested in this particular product. This is a good metric to follow as it will show you what products people are viewing but maybe not purchasing.

Footer block script

Copy and paste into the Footer Block (See the video)

<script async="" src=""></script>

Event names


Event name

Add to cart


Remove from cart


View product


Setup Video

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