Google Analytics 4 (GA 4) setup can be a bit confusing, so let's get into the two ways to set it up. We will be using Google Tag Manager to send our events to Google Analytics.

πŸ‘ Important: Google Analytics 4 takes 24 hours to update. You won't see any of your Events show-up, until the 24 hours has elapsed.

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Do you already have Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics) setup?

How do I find out if I am using Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics)?

  • Login to your Google Analytics (GA) account.

    • Click on the Admin settings cog in the lower left corner of the screen.

    • Click property settings.

    • If you have a "UA" at the beginning of your Tracking ID, then you have GA 3 Universal Analytics. Go to setup 1.

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