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Image Display and Upload settings
Image Display and Upload settings

Enable lightbox popup display for your images, increase your image sizes, and more.

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Learn how to enable lightbox or zoom for your images. Increase your image upload sizes and add slider to your image previews.

Lightbox popup your images

You will find the lightbox on the List/Grid views and Product pages.

Enable the lightbox: Store preferences

Zoom feature

You can enable the Zoom feature for Product pages and the Quickview.

Enable the Zoom: Store preferences

Slider for Quickview

Provide the full slider with additional images.

Enable Slider for Quickview

Change the default size of Product Images ( List/Grid & Product pages )

These settings allow you to increase or decrease the default size of the product images. This most likely won't change the way that the images are displayed as the CSS will likely resize the image when the page loads. Thus, you may need to change your CSS as well after making your settings change.

Default Image Upload Settings

You can control the default sizes that the system will resize your images to, when they are uploaded. The system automatically creates 3 image types when you upload a single product image. Specify your image sizes in pixels.

  1. Thumbnail

  2. Large image

  3. XL image

If the images is smaller than the setting, then the system will not resize the image.

You can set the maximum size for each of these image types. Remember, if you already have uploaded images you will need to re-upload the images to resize them to your new settings.

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