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Customer Product Codes (Alias)
Customer Product Codes (Alias)

The customer can search, add to cart, and view products using their customer alias product codes throughout the store.

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What is a Customer Product Code or Alias Code?

A Customer Custom Product Code, or alias code, is an alternative SKU for a product which is specific to a customer. You can use Customer Product Codes if, for example, you sell a product with SKU of "100001" but your customer wants to find it and order it using the SKU of "ABC300". A customer may want to use their code because it is in their procurement system already under that ID.

👉 Please note: Use Customer product codes when you want "ABC300" to be available for this customer but not other customers.

Good to know when using Customer Product Codes


  • Customer product codes are specific to a customer account.

  • If added to a parent customer account they will be used by the child customer accounts as well (it is recommended to manage them at the parent account).

  • You can store many customer product codes for each SKU but only one SKU for each customer custom product code.

  • They can be added and managed using the Admin Customer Account screen, Imports, or ERP Integrations through the API


  • You can use customer product codes in search and quick order.

  • When searching using a customer product code it will only find it using an exact match, not a partial match, and return the products using the SKU on record.

  • The matching to a customer product code is not case sensitive.

  • You will see your customer product codes listed near the SKU in product lists (search results, quick lists, etc.), the product view, and the cart.

  • Where more than one customer product code is available it will be comma separated from the others in the list.

Using Customer Product Codes (Alias Code) in the Storefront

Searching with a Customer Alias Product Code

When searching for product using light search (search as you type), search results page, and quick order you will see results are effected by this feature. While searching, EvolutionX will find the Customer Product Code value set and include it in the search. The original value will also be used in case there is more than one meaning.

Example Search using a Customer Product Code:

  • Store front user searches for "A100"

  • EvolutionX uses an exact match and finds the current customer has a customer product code record of "A100" which matches to a store product with the SKU of "red-apple".

  • The store searches for: A100 OR red-apple. Note that the original search term will be returned to the customer as they entered it, only the results will show the effect of using the OR value.

  • The storefront returns results where a product refers to A100 or Apple1 in their product data.

Product List and Product View using Customer Product Codes

Product List and product view will list the customer product codes for each product on the page. This will only list values for a logged in customer for whom the code is stored. More than one customer product code can be listed for each product SKU and they are listed with comma separated values.

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