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Import and export layouts
Import and export layouts

Import and export layout associations for all page types

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Layouts can be associated with many different page types. A layout can be associated with a product, content, or category page. Imports and export allow you to manage the pages that a layout is associated with in bulk.

View layout associations

You can view the number of associations of any given layout from the layout page.

Importing/Exporting layouts

You can export/import from any layout by clicking into the layout and selecting from the dropdown. The export/import for the layout will contain the Layout ID, page ID, page type, catalog ID, and delete record colums.

👍. Important: The catalog ID is only used/needed when the page type = “product”.

Changing layout associations in bulk

  1. First, export the layout associations.

  2. Open the export and change the layout ID’s listed to the new layout ID.

  3. Save the file as a new version.

  4. Finally, import the new file into the layout.

Deleting layout associations / Return to the default layout

You can return a page to its default layout by deleting the layout association. Simply export the layout associations. Change the delete column to "Y" for any page. Now, import the file back into the layout. Any association, with the delete column set to “Y”, will set that page to use the default layout.

That's it, thanks for reading and have a great day. 👏

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