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Customer specific delivery (shipping) rules
Customer specific delivery (shipping) rules

Restrict a customer to specific delivery (shipping) rules, ignoring all other rules.

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You may face a situation where a single or multiple customers should be restricted to very specific delivery (shipping) rules from everyone else. This can be tricky to handle but thanks to the "Shipping restrict" toggle you can now target those customers with specific delivery (shipping) rules.


Here are the steps to setup your customer specific delivery (shipping) rules.

  1. Toggle on "Shipping restrict" for the customer.

    1. Customers >> Accounts >> Edit the account

  2. Add a Customer label to the customer

    1. If you don't have a label for this customer, you can create one and then apply it.

      1. Create a label

      2. Apply the label

  3. Create your customer specific delivery (shipping) rules.

    1. πŸ‘ Important: Be sure to select Custom and always select a supplier when creating a custom delivery rules

Test your setup on the storefront

Last but not least, login as that customer and proceed to checkout to test that your delivery (shipping) rules are working.

Now anytime that customer is checking out they will be restricted to only the rules with that delivery (shipping) label.

Well done! Enjoy your day! πŸŽ‰

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