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Learn about TrustPilot and how to integrate it to your store

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TrustPilot is an open, online review platform where consumers can add their reviews for individual products and services.

Benefits Of Installing TrustPilot

🚀 Drive sales conversion

  • Product reviews on your product pages give confidence to buy

  • Interact directly with customers through the Product Question & Answer widget

  • Increase customers trust in your products and services through service reviews.


To install TrustPilot, you will need the following

  1. Your Javascript Integrations Key

  2. Business Domain

  3. Business Unit ID (Ask your TrustPilot Account manager)

Step 1 : Get Javascript Integration Key From Your TrustPilot Account

From your TrustPilot account, go to Integrations Ecommerce Javascript Integration. Scroll down on the javascript integrations page to obtain your Integration Key.

Step 2 : Get your Business domain

To get your business domain, go to Settings Copy domain you have in front of Business Settings

Step 3 : Get your Business Unit ID

NOTE: Contact your trustPilot account representative to obtain your Business Unit ID.

Or Copy and Paste it from one of their "website widgets".

Install From The App Store

Enable the TrustPilot Integration App from the App Store under the product category. Go to the EvolutionX Admin and click App StoreTrustPilot. Provide the following

  • Javascript Integration Key

  • Business Unit ID

  • Business Domain

click on "Save" to install.

With the TrustPilot App installed, the system will automatically push service and product review invitation to customer after every purchase.

Review Invitation Timing & Frequency

On your trustPilot account, you can set the timing & frequency of the review invitations to be sent to customers after purchase. To update, go to your TrustPilot account

Get Reviews Invitation Settings Timing & Frequency.

On the page, select the settings of your choice for both service and product reviews and click "Save Changes".

TrustBox Widgets

TrustPilot TrustBox are widgets that showcase your TrustPilot reviews, TrustScore, ratings or product question & answer on your store's website.

With the TrustPilot App installed on your store, you will have access to 4 of the most popular TrustPilot TrustBox as easy to use, drag-and-drop widgets available in your EvoX admin account.

The fours new widgets available to your store are:

  • TrustPilot Slider - provides service review in a slick slider and can be used on all store layouts

  • TrustPilot Mini - provides TrustScores for service reviews and can be used on all store layouts

  • TrustPilot Product Review - provides customer reviews about products in a slick slider. Available only on product layout

  • TrustPilot Customer Q&A - provides access for customer or visitors to ask questions about a product directly from the product page. Available only on product layout

👍 Important: Some of the TrustPilot widgets may not work, if your account doesn't include all the available widgets. Upgrade your TrustPilot account to get them working.

To use the Widgets, go to your EvoX Admin Appearance Layouts. Select the layout, search for the TrustPilot widget you want, drag the widget to the Layout Screen and arrange the screen accordingly.

NOTE: TrustPilot Product Review & Customer Q&A are only available on the product layout.

Widget Customisation

You can customise your TrustPilot widgets by wrapping them inside of an accordion, setting accordion headers, collapse by default or not and setting widget header.

To use widget settings, click on the settings icon on the widget, set the customisation options you want and click "Save Changes".

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