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Checkout security - reCaptcha
Checkout security - reCaptcha

Google's reCaptcha (Captcha) on checkouts to improve security and protect against malicious bots.

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The web is full of bots these days. Good bots like Google and plenty of bad bots that cause your site potential hazards. Malicious bots may try and create bogus orders on your store or create many bogus credit card attempts. These are handled by your integrated payment provider (e.g. Stripe, Braintree, OPayo, etc).

We also help to crackdown by introducing reCaptcha on your checkout when a credit card fails 3 or more times. This will happen for all customer types (e.g. logged in or logged out).

By adding reCaptcha after 3 attempts, you are preventing malicious bots without degrading the user experience for your users.

πŸ‘ Important: It's enabled in your store automatically.

How it looks in checkout

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