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Upload attachments to products in the cart
Upload attachments to products in the cart

Allow your customers to upload files to product lines in the cart.

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Your customers can upload artwork or files to different products in the cart. This is an incredibly helpful feature for allowing your customers to add artwork to printable products and much more. See how it all works below.

Setup: Store Settings >> General >> Store Preferences

First enable the functionality in your store preferences. Then make sure to choose the file types you want to allow and the number of attachments.

Enable it for a Product

Navigate to the product that you would like to enable the feature on. Go to "Product Features" settings and tick on the "Enable uploading attachments in the cart".

Try it out

  • On the storefront, find the product and add it to the cart.

  • Open the cart page

  • You should see the upload feature in the cart

That's it, Super Cool πŸš€

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