Variant Products is a new feature that allows users to link a master product to groups of products. The grouping of products is then displayed using a widget within the layouts.

See it in action

Setup - Master and Variant Products

First, create a master products. Once created you will see a new tab named "Variants". Click on it and add variant products to this Master Product.

Products >> New Product >> Master Product

You can add as many as you want.

Variant Products Widget

Now, we need to add the "Variant Products" widget on a custom layout page, in order to see the variant products on StoreFront.

Appearance >> Layouts >> Product

Now, add the layout to your product page.

Variant Groups

It's also possible to group the variant products. Click on "Add group" button. Start typing the group name, and if the desired one is on the suggestion list, click on it. Otherwise, just complete the desired name.

Once the group is added, it's possible to add products in it, just like we did before.

Check it out on the storefront.

Variant products are a great way to visually handle your complex but related product content.

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