Abandoned Baskets

Convert your abandoned baskets and add additional sales through your store!

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Abandoned Baskets is a real problem in the world of eCommerce. Statistics show that across all industries, 70% of online baskets are abandoned. That's a massive $18b of sales that are lost on an annual basis.

Baskets can be abandoned due to a number of reasons;

  • Extra costs being displayed at checkout (delivery charges etc)

  • Being forced to create an account

  • Difficulties in entering information at checkout

  • Invalid discount code

The great news is that you have a solution built into your EvolutionX adminscreen to help deal with this!

Abandoned Baskets can be found in Marketing>Abandoned Baskets.

Its really easy to setup your Abandoned Basket rules - we have produced a quick video to help you dial in this process.

Good luck!

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