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En Masse Simple Product Creation

A quick and easy way to create large batches of simple products

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If you are using our Product Configurator module with your own products, you may be struggling with the creation of simple products. A common scenario would be where you have a T Shirt with 20 colours and 10 sizes - that's a lot of simple products to create!

The best solution for this is to take a hybrid approach. Create one of your simple products within the EvolutionX adminscreen - I feel that manual product creation in the adminscreen sometimes gives the best results when it comes to ensuring that all the key fields have been created.

Once you have created your product, you can now export it out of the adminscreen onto our import/export template. This will allow you to simply copy and paste the data for the product you created onto multiple new rows. You may need to alter things like the product title, description, sku and image name, but this should be a quicker process to work with in Excel, rather than manually creating these simple products from scratch!

We have created a nice help video to walk you through the process - why not give it a go?

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