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Configurable Products - Frequently Asked Questions
Configurable Products - Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, you'll find frequently asked questions about Configurable Products, Groups and Attribution.

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Can I change the order that attributes are displayed on the storefront?

Yes, you can click on the dots symbol within the Attribute section of the configurable group and drag the attribute up and down the list into the order you wish:

If there are existing products in a config group, can I import further product in? Will the existing products be overwritten?

If a group already has products, you can import in additional products. Your original group won't be deleted/overwritten.

If you toggle on ‘Exclude Simple Products’, do the simple products still need to be enabled/active even though they’re not being displayed on the store?

Yes, otherwise the storefront can't display the resulting product after a customer has made their configured choices.

Can we change the layout of the config options on the shopfront ie having the 3 dropdown menus side by side instead of under each other?

Not within the toolset. You can achieve this will custom code.

Can we change the text from Configure to something else?

Yes, navigate to Store Settings > General > Store Preferences (along the top). Within the Product Display section, you can change the field 'Configurable Products Button Text'. You can also change the 'Starting At' label too:

What the purpose of the tags in the configurable groups?

To help you easily navigate the list of groups and easily find the group you want to work in.

Do I put parent or child products into a group?

You can use either parent or child products - just ensure that the catalogue where the products reside is live on your store.

What is the maximum number of products that should be in the group?

We recommend no more than 300 products in a group.

Can I add my own attributes to managed products?

No, you can't make any changes whatsoever to managed products. You would have to recreate the product in your Own Catalogue and assign whatever attribution you require.

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