Irish Eircode lookup, UK post code lookup, auto populate addresses

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AutoAddress is an address finder that integrates into your EvoX store. It allows customers to easily lookup their address and populate it into the checkout flow or when they are adding an address in their profile.

Supports Irish Eircodes and UK Post Codes


  • Speeds up the checkout process for customers

  • Ensures more conversions; removing barriers to sale from long forms.

  • Provides better address data for deliveries

Get your API Key

Neal Sheridan | Account Director

+353 87 634 7549

Setup Steps

Once you get your API Key from AutoAddress, simply enter it into the field and hit save. That's it! Now you can test it on the storefront in the checkout or in the Customer > Saved addresses module

The "Address profile" field

You might have seen the "Address Profile" field. This isn't a required field so you can leave it blank.

About the "Address profile"

AutoAddress can transform address information into custom formats and transformations.

For example, let's say that your ERP system needs the Company field mapped to the 3rd line on the Address. This can be done through a custom "Address Profile" created just for your store! To learn more contact AutoAddress about what they offer.

Once you have a unique "Address Profile" contact EvoX an we will get it integrated into the store for you.

GDPR Information

The integration processes addresses through Autoaddress but doesn't include any names or other details. If you want to review the GDPR support provided by visit this page.

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