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Schneider Product Selector widget
Schneider Product Selector widget

Use Schneider Product Selectors to enable your customers to select Schneider products matching their needs, fast and easy.

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The Schneider EZ Product Selector saves time finding the products and compatible accessories so customers can add them to the cart easily. Using this widget you can place one or more selectors in any layout.


  • you must be a Schneider reseller

  • you must obtain a Schneider API key for the Product Selector by contacting your Schneider representative

Install from the App Store

If you want to use the Schneider widget you need first to enable the Schneider Product Catalogue App from the App Store under the Product category. Go to the EvolutionX Admin and click App StoreSchneider Products Catalogue.

To enable the app you need to provide:

  • The Schneider API key provided by Schneider

  • Select the Country that you are selling the items to

Place the Widget in a Layout

After enabling the App, the widget will be available to be added in any layout.

Widget configuration

The Widget offers many options that change how the selector will be displayed to your customers. The options are described above

  • Widget Name - Name of the widget for the layout added, not displayed to the customers

  • Title - Same as Widget Name

  • Product Selector - Select the category of the products displayed on the widget

  • Modal button title - Used only if Type is set to "popup modal"

  • Type - The selector comes with two different displays, as an Iframe embed in your page and as a pop up modal. See the description of each bellow.

  • Visibility - When the selector is going to be displayed

  • CSS Class - Add a custom CSS class

  • Mobile priority - Order for mobile views

Selector types

  • Iframe — the iframe is useful if you are dedicating a specific content page for the selector. It will be open by default and take up most of the page.

  • Modal pop up — The modal pop up presents just a button and then, when clicked, will open the Schneider selector. Use this on a home page or at the top of a category to give your customers the option to open the selector if they wish.

Adding Items to the Cart

When a customer selects a product using the Schneider product selector on the storefront it can be added to the cart. If the item is in your website catalog then they can checkout and purchase it. If it isn't then they can request a quote for the item using email.

Offline Quote Email

Items not in the catalog will be added to the cart but the customer will see a Quote Me button instead of the Checkout button. This will let them send the quote using our offline quote email template. All items in the cart will be included along with the customers message and details. The quote can be answered using email.

Schneider Feedback

When a product is selected using a Schneider product selector and then ordered we report information what item, quantity, and price was on the order back to Schneider. We do not send any information about who made the purchase or where it is going. This fulfils the Schneider requirements for use of their EZ Selector without any extra work for you.

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