Now your large customers have an even greater reason to purchase from your store thanks to Level 1 and 2 support for punchout.

What is Punchout

Your large customers have a lot of suppliers. They use eProcurement systems (Ariba, SAP, Oracle, etc) to manage and report on their internal spend.

Punchout integrations like Greenwing Technology and TradeCentric, formerly Punchout2Go sits between your evolutionX store and your customers' eProcurement system.

Their software allows the customer to find your products from within their eProcurement system, then with one click the customer is logged-in and redirected to your store.

They can then proceed to build a cart of products. When ready they can send that cart of products back to their eProcument system. They can then finalize the order from within the eProcurement system. The order, once finalized, is sent back to your store.

Punchout Level 1

Level 1 provides a catalog of products that sit within the customers eProcurement system. The customer can then link from this catalog to your website homepage and be immediately logged-in.

They can then proceed to search and find products and when ready to checkout they are brought back to their eProcurement system with the basket of products. They can then finalize the order within their eProcurment system. Once they complete the order it is automatically sent from their eProcurement system to your evolutionX store.

Punchout Level 2

Level 2 gives the customer the ability to search products from within their eProcurement system and then click and land directly on that product within your store. This saves them time and headaches when making several purchases a day.

AppStore Integrations

To enable punchout for your store, simply choose one of the punchout providers and then enable the appropriate App with the AppStore on evolutionX.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will be sure to help you get started.

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