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Recently viewed products widget
Recently viewed products widget

Dynamically show the products that your customer has been viewing to help them navigate back to them.

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When you are browsing a store, it is handy to have an easy way to navigate back to products that you were previously viewing. This is possible with the Recently Viewed Products widget.

How it works

You can add it to any layout and it will auto populate with the last 10 products that user has visited or viewed via quickview.

Will it be there permanently?

No, the products are only remembered for the current session. Thus, if the user logs-out or clears their browser cookies then the widget will be reset.

Do I have to maintain it or add products to it?

No, this widget auto populates the products for the user. There isn't anything you need to do.

Where should I put it

The best place to put the widget is at the bottom of the page. The widget and it's products are lazy loaded into the page, so as not to increase the load of the page. Thus, we recommend adding it below content near the bottom of the page to allow it to load out of view of the user but still be there as a handy navigation point.

Adding the widget

πŸŽ‰ That's it, nicely done!

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